Jet Dogfights
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1.1 - You can choose to fly either the Su-35BM Flanker-E or F/A-18E Super Hornet.

2.1 - Air-to-Air missile are not to be equipped during competition play.

3.1 - To begin you must fly towards each other and fire your gun or rockets to show you are ready to engage.
3.2 - Once both jets show they are ready they can then proceed to the merge and begin the dogfight.
3.3 - Once both jets merge the players cannot request a restart to the round.
3.4 - Play will continue until one player is down.
3.5 - If both jets crash into each other, an object or the ground, the round will be restarted.
3.6 - If one player crashes the round will be awarded to the player still airborne.
3.7 - If both jets are disabled (i.e. One jet disables the other and then the disabled jet manages to disable the other jet) the point will be awarded to the person who survives longest.

4.1 - You are not permitted to land and repair or bail from the aircraft.

5.1 - The first player to win three rounds will be declared the winner.

Rules for 2v2-

1- Lock on weapons are not to be used.

2- There will be 3 rounds. First 2 rounds the teams will alternate between F-18 and the Su-35 and for the 3rd round (if required) the teams will use a F-18 and Su-35 each.

3- Both team members must be out of the air at the same time for the opposing team to claim victory.

4- Suicides/ No Mores count.

5- You cannot land and repair.

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