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The S.A.S. stands for Special Air Service and was formed in the early days of World War One. It is one the most special forces units in the World and most say it is the most elite Special Forces Unit. Since World War One, they have fought in Germany, Malaya, Borneo, Oman, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and in many other places. There was en exchange program between American and British special forces during Vietnam although the British Government denies that the S.A.S. fought in Vietnam. The S.A.S. was used in Desert Storm to hunt down mobile SCUD launchers.

The concept was that the S.A.S. would operate in much smaller units than previous commando units which generally operated in units of about 50. Initially the small units could be dropped by parachute or infiltrated by jeeps or small boats, deep behind enemy lines to carry out sabotage or reconnaissance missions. Later, infiltration using helicopters and submarines were added.

Unlike many other special forces, the British S.A.S. is recruited from veterans from the Marines and Army. These troops must pass rigorous physical and mental test in order to be considered for the S.A.S. They are then put through an extensive training campaign to hone their skills

Unlike the United States Seals, the British S.A.S. favored the use of Cybernetics. Each trooper is equipped with a universal headjack and ear implant including a special cybernetic gun link, and cybernetic systems designed to protect from toxic gasses. The cybernetic gun link is very expensive and all guns have to be specially modified to take advantage of the system. The most spectacular enhancement is the Nano-Tech Enhancement feature which is similar to the one marketed on Rifts Earth by Archangel Heavy Industries. The system boosts the person's strength and reflexes. These won't be in effect for the Special Air Service until March, 2014. The British S.A.S remains the oldest, most experienced and toughest Special Forces in the World!

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Special Air Service Motto: "Who Dares Wins".

Head Leader: Razor_6-4_Voodoo

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