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You do not see us, you can not find us, we strike with out warning, you die with out rebuttal, we are the reason you quit, the reason you rage, the reason you Despise Gaming, because we are the Despised.

Scrimming Status: Dormant until BF4

Active Ground Crew:
T3amKillerxX97 ( Semi-Active )
Scarlot (xbox Broken)

Inactive Ground Crew:
OGKontractKilla , KILLAsoldier1, MiDnIgHtFuZzZz

Active Tankers:
T1GxBITS (Semi-Active)
War0892 (Active)

Inactive Tankers/Repairs:
T1GxBITS, RaginLikeAKgin, CrzyCook1412, LordKillerDNA

Active Aircrew:
JerryCheese45 (CG)
Non-Active Aircrew:
PUrPLeBoOgIEmON (unknown)

Code of Conduct:
1. There will be no Raging or Trolling toward Clan Members.

2. There will be no purposely joining opposing team.

3. The clan tag is NOT optional and will be worn at all times. Unless clan is set as dormant.

4. When informing members that you can attend a match/practice/scrim/GB match and then no show, you will be benched until further notice. Furthermore if you do not state that you are going to play within a scrim that was announced days before, and a roster has been completed for the scrim members that had not messaged, or verbally agreed to a Clan leader that they would play, then they will be sat out as a back up if willing to remain on during the time of the scrim.

5. Cellphone numbers (if you have them) are optional so we can disseminate information about clan matches, your number will only be texted, you will not receive any phone calls, and I will not hand out your number to ANYONE.

6. This clan will no longer except members under the age of 17, except under extreme circumstances.

7. Inactivity with out known reason will be looked at as a run away, you will be kicked from this clan, if you are known to be gone, your status will be posted otherwise for continuous reminder.

8. Quitting out of Clan Battles/scrims/Game Battles/E-sports unless lag(and rejoined), personal life crisis, power outage, or you dropped dead. If you quit, you quit DxG, you will be removed for your rage quit, Rage quitting is frowned on, even if we lose, we will sit the game out. Pub raging is frowned on also, however massively out numbered, pub stacks do happen, and quitting out of one sided servers to continue playing later is not frowned on, just remember DxG backs each other, one sided servers can be repelled with a few more DxG.

9. Tea Bagging, except for the true in need of nuts in the mouth, Tea Bagging is a waste of time that should not be completed. Tea Bagging in scrims is prohibited.

10. DxG members that request members to join there game because of pubstacking/practice may not avoid the request unless they are not going to be playing long enough to continue, or they are in a competition of some kind(i.e. 1v1 jets, choppers,tankers)

8. DxG members will be part of no other "real" team while being part of this clan, you will be warned once, however your loyalty is needed to be part of this clan. However members may "ringer" for other teams if DxG does not have a match during times that the other teams game is


Despised Gaming (DxG) was started as a collective between the current leaders of DxG after Attendants of Ares fell because if incompetence, lack of leadership, and teenagers proactively starting a "he said she said", which pulled apart all of the active players. After AoA's Fall, DxG pulled the best players from the clan, and started collecting the best that applied, and now we sit and wait for war to start on Battlefield 4. Despised Gaming, We are Despised for a Reason.

Win Record 4 - 1


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