Hardcore Clans Only
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This is for PS3 hardcore clans only. was created for for hardcore clans looking for clan battles. only leaders and founders apply. Once approved add what clan you are in country you are in what you want to play.

ShGe (coheath07)
U.S (east coast time)

The Militia (j_fuentes_619)
The Militia Elite (j_fuentes_619)
Conquest, Rush, Conquest Domination

M.E.R.K (The_spclist)
U.S (east coast time)

UnderGroundKillers (AToMBoMB_85)
U.S (east coast time)
Conquest, Rush

DFGR (xX_P_A_S_A_S_Xx)
Greece (UTS+2)
Conquest, Conquest Domination

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