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Server password will be: orange

The 5th event will take place on Sunday 21st July 18:00 (English time) 19:00 (German time).

-To all DICE devs and Friends participating: Wear your DICE tags and join at least 10-15 minutes before the event starts

-To everyone else who joins in that time will receive and a block that will last 10 minutes.

-The event might run in two ways: 1. Zombie mod, 2. Specific weapons with specific maps, TDM game mod.

If its zombie mod, the server will be automatically managed by the plugin called ZombieMod.

Join the 2nd platoon since this one is full:

-Do you like Zombie Mod , join this platoon for see all actives zombies servers and events ( PC , PS3 , XBOX )


To join this event simply apply at this platoon and wear the LSS tag (optional) on the day of the event.


Basically there are 2 teams:
-First team are the Zombies chosen randomly at the start (3-4 max),
-Second team are the Humans whose objective is to survive as longer as possible.

Tip: Humans should not knife zombies as that would result in a infection causing them to become zombies.

-Zombies can only use the knife,
-Humans can use any weapons,
-Gadgets are restricted,
-All Perks are allowed,
-When killed humans will automatically switch to the Zombies team and hunt the remaining humans,
-Player who breaks the rules will be kicked from the server,

Server rules:

Server for the event:
Maps that will be played are going to be vanilla and DLC TDM maps.

Player Re-spawn time: 100%
Player's Health:---- changes automatically with the number of humans in the server% (Zombies need to be a bit stronger)
Team balance ------------------OFF
Show HUD ---------------------- ON
Kill cam ---------------------------OFF
Only squad leader spawn - ON
Bullet damage modifier in %100 (standard)
Minimap spotting:--------------OFF
Show enemy name tags:---OFF
Regenerative health -------- ON (Zombies can heal themselves)
Show minimap: ---------------OFF
3D spotting: -------------OFF
Friendly Fire: -----------OFF

Trailer from our PC friends:

Trailer from our PS3 friends:

I came with the idea of an event like this because it is refreshing to try something a bit different then anything else out there and our PS3 guys had a similar event so now it`s time for the PC crowd to have something similar.


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