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[AoB] ArMy-oF-BeAsTs
[AoB] Is currently competing in BF4 contact xAmNoTPr0, J_forcedog, or zIgnorance-_ to setup matches.

Watch some of our battles on our youtube page
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Accomplishments that we have achieved are:

Top Team on BF2:MC
1st on BF 1943 on
1st on Kz2 in game ladder
1st on RDR on
1st on BFBC2 for the first spring and summer seasons on (won back to back championships,
Total record 202-6, latest team going 102-0)
Interview with Replay With DoC (DoC from the ps show The Tester,
also the interview was shown in the Ps Home Community Theater)
Interview with DRMB (Don't Revive Me Bro)
5th for Kz3 40k Tournament on (members that participated Dark, Kill4life, Ghost)

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