1st BF Foreign Legion™
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Wanna setup a match?... Just leave a message or contact one of the leaders.


Battlefield Foreign Legion

Whatever your origins, nationality or religion might be, whatever qualifications you may or may not have, whatever your social or professional status might be, whether you are married or single, everybody can join the Battlefield Foreign Legion no questions asked.

The Battlefield Foreign Legion is a semi competitive platoon and is for everybody who thinks the most important thing is to have fun playing this great game.

Want to be part of The Battlefield Foreign Legion?... Just sign-up!

Only requirement is you have a mic and speak (some) English.


Legionnaires code of honor

1. Legionnaire, you are a volunteer, serving with honour and fidelity.

2. Each legionnaire is your brother in arms whatever his nationality, his race or his religion might be. You show to him the same close solidarity that links the members the same family.

3. You respect your traditions and your superiors. Discipline and friendship are your strengths. Courage and honesty are your virtues.

4. You are proud of being a legionnaire. You are always well mannered and smart. Your behaviour is of the best. You are always modest and your quarters are always clean and tidy.

5. You are an elite soldier who is rigorous with himself. You consider your weapon as your most precious possession. You constantly maintain your physical fitness.

6. Your mission is sacred. It is carried out until the end, in respect of the law, the customs of war International Conventions, if needs be, at the risk of your own life.

7. In combat you act without passion or hatred. You respect vanquished enemies. You never surrender your dead, your wounded, or your weapons.


Tips & Tricks

- Stay with your squad, it's all about teamwork.

- Check your specialization, try to avoid double.

- It's always good to have at least 1 medic (assault) and 1 ammo supplier (support).
-- As a medic (assault) it's your job to heal or revive squad-mates, so stay close but out of the direct line of fire.
-- As a supplier (support) it's your job that no squad-mate runs out of ammo.

- Sometimes it's necessary to "take one for the team", that means:
-- Head out first to lure out enemy so they reveal there position.
-- Blowing up a armored vehicle even if that means you die in the process.

- Don't stand too close to your squad-mates (this makes it easier for the enemy), but keep close enough and look in the other direction so the enemy doesn't surprise you and your squad from behind.

- When you spawn on a squad-mate be aware of the fact that you can give away his position, so check the "spawn cam" to see he's not hiding from something.

- Information is everything! That's why ...
-- it's important to make use of the select button to spot enemies whenever you can.
-- when it's more than 4 BFL members on one team switch to team chat instead of squad chat.
-- the mini-map is your best friend, it makes you aware of your surroundings by giving you intel about:
--- enemy positions.
--- squad and teammates positions.
--- enemy and friendly explosives locations (mines, C4 and claymores).
--- ammo create locations.
--- health pack locations.
--- flat-liners (shot down teammates waiting to be revived).

Use this information to your advantage!

Got some more tips or tricks, let it know.

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