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Welcome Redditors, to the updated Team_Awesome! I want our time on the Battlefield to be as enjoyable as possible. So use this resource to find fellow Redditors, organize matches, and talk about anything Battlefield related. Please feel free to message me or comment here and let me know how this page can be improved.

I will be adding news and updates below, so be sure to check in once in a while to see what's new.


20 MAR 12
I have edited the platoon tag to [RDDT] instead of the previous [RDT] by popular demand. I ask that you all change your tag before 25 MAR 12.

19 MAR 12
It would behoove you all to edit your profile to reflect which server browser settings you prefer. In doing this you will make finding a squad mate with your similar game preferences simple and sufficient. This is the format I am showing my preferences in, I strongly recommend you follow this structure:

Preset: (Hardcore, Normal, Infantry)
Mode: (ie. CQ, Rush, TDM)
Region: (ie. US West, US East, EU)
Location/Time Zone: (ie. PST, EST, GMT)

Also, remember to communicate out there. Communication is key to victory on the battlefield. I played for an hour with two Team Awesome members and we won every match and were MVP 1, 2, and 3 all 4 matches. So mic up, nut up, and PTFO!

18 MAR 12
I want to get the opinion of the masses here at Team Awesome, so I'm going to be posting a poll when we reach 30 members regarding our platoon tag and platoon emblem. Post some options for the poll here.

17 MAR 12
Thanks for joining the platoon everyone! Be sure to add the Team Awesome tag to your page so I can determine you are a redditor. I will be deleting members without the tag in order to make room for redditors who want in, so get on it!

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