Taktikas Primus
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Founding Fathers: Bg_Kahuna_Burger, SnackPack96, Cobra-King21 and Dirty Bacon

Official Website http://www.taktikasprimus.com

Taktikas Primus


Though the founders consider ourselves skilled players, our talent comes from tactical considerations. We wanted to create a group where we emphasize tactics over talent. To show that superior organization can trump great individual skill.

This group, Takitikas Primus, Latin and Greek for Tactics First, or T1st, is about building a community of players, of various talents and level of individual skill, into what will be the finest platoon on PS3. If we do not accomplish that mission, we will have failed. We do not plan to fail. You will help us get there.

Platoon Rules:
First, Microphone: a microphone is a must-no exceptions for anyone .

Second, Glitches and Fair Play: we will never use the “glitch” of the day—that is not what we are about. That includes glitched weapons

Third, we will never turn you down because of your stats; however, will always remove players that are not EXTREMELY active. For a definition of “extremely active” look at the game logs of the leaders.

Fourth, Lone Wolf: We are not interested in lone wolfers, you have no tactical value or utility to a unit. Lone wolf as you see fit whenever we pub stomp casually. However, when we start to lose a pub match, we turn tactical again—Wax on, Wax off.

Fifth, Clan Tags: You must wear our tags when playing with us. We are about commitment, cohesion and unity, tags are a metaphore expressing yourself a similarly committed, cohesive and unified.

Sixth, Activity: You must be Active—very active.

Seventh, Removal: We have an aggressive removal policy. If you break a rule,gg you can be subject to removal

Platoon Leadership Structure

- Squads -

Air- "Vigilantes"
[Squad Leaders] BG_K-huna_Burg3r & Cobra-King21
Jets: [Section Leader] Cobra-King21
Chopper: [Section Leader] BG_K-huna_Burg3r
Members: K-huna, Cobra, Mike_337 and T1st_soldier

Armor "The Iron Giants"
[Squad Leader] T1st_Soldier
Members: T1st_Soldier, Zombie and EVL

Ground Infantry

1st Squad aka "Skeleton Crew"
[Squad Leader] Cobra
Members: Cobra, Bacon, GhostHawk, RollEmUp and Aest

2nd Squad aka "Overlords”
[Squad Leader] Stillmatic
Members: Stillmatic, xx_snipingu_xx and LU-DIGITAL and Mr-Life-Tap

3rd Squad aka "Sewer Rats"
[Squad Leader] K-huna
Members: Kahuna, Zombie, EVL

**For New Recruits**

There will be a training period, during which time, you will train with your squad leader. You squad leader will then make a determination as to whether you may join Taktikas Primus as a full member. The trail period may be anywhere from 3-10 days depending on the squad you are attempting to join.

During the trial period, you are expected to wear t1st (lowercase) tags. The lowercase tags are a symbol for the period of training you will undergo. We are a highly tactical clan, and the training will focus on those tactical elements.

After the period has ceased, you will be evaluated by your squad leader, and he/she will report your progress to the other leaders who will make a determination. In the event of a position determination, that is, a determination favorable to you, you are then permitted, and congratulated, by wearing the clan tags.


Practice: Fixed practice sessions:
- Wednesdays 1930 EDT/ 7:30 PM EDT on Server TaktikasPrimus #2
- Fridays 1930 EDT / 7:30 PM EDT on Server TaktikasPrimus #1



September 23, 2012 @19:30 EDT T1st vs iLL @T1st Server #1

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