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Welcome to the Mustang GT Main information page and Battlelog Forum.

This platoon is for Players that like to Play Seriously, Competatively, Honourably, and still know it's a Game.

This is a Relaxed atmosphere and Recruiting is simple, If you are here it means you have been chosen by a recruiter. Your mettle, team coordination, communication skills and solo skills are or have been weighed and have proven your worth.

There are a few Requirements and Rules to be followed in this Platoon and they are as Follows:

1) Play Battlefield 3 on Playstation 3
2) Play Regularly and attend to Clan Battles when asked.
3) If you're going to be away, please if possible inform your Squad leader.
4) And that all players are required to have premium or at the very least all map packs
5) You will need a mic for comms
only Squad leaders talk on team setting, all others use the squad setting in the games.

1) If we are in a clan battle, there will be no rage quits. we see all matches to the very end win or lose.
2) there will be absolutely no disrespectful actions on the field or off, NO teabagging or body humping of dead enemies.
3) Games will be set up by the clan Founder Goldviperx and posted on the platoon Page, If your Squad has been selected you must attend or find a replacement if you know you cannot attend.
4) Leaders will be chosen by the Founder.(as leader you need to check battle log at least once a week for news and up comeing events i.e. clan battles and new promotons in the clan )
5)When attending a clan Battle please refrain from bringing in the people from your friends lift that you play with outside of clan sanctioned matches.
6) If you adhere to our rules and regulations there won't be any problems, and rules are subject to be added or changed at the founders discretion.

The tag you must wear is: GT and a two digit number between 00 and 99 so long as the number has not been taken. We want no repeats so once a number is taken you can not use it unless that person is kicked or has left the clan. For Example GT45Bloggins.

On that note, the numbers that have been taken and the players that wear them are as follows:


Squad Alpha:
GT26 One_Chimo_F_cker (EE) )===;====( - - - i=>
GT69 Tenkster
GT36 El_dangerous_09(Er)

Squad Bravo:
GT5 killa_beanz (ES)

Squad Charlie:
GT20 LIfe2087 (ES)
GT54 Muzzle_Flash
GT2 str8crip
GT24 RaPid_F_i_R_E (ES)

Squad Alpha:
GT12 ALEX15_15_15

Squad Bravo
GT49 bsm686
GT14 Dakenzie1014 (ER)
GT19 frstclass
GT42 Shadow_Chaos13

Squad charlie
GT00 happer2090
GT24 MrKingPhact (EE)
GT10 wildy365


Squad Alpha

* leaders will be admins of the server as well have control over the Face Book page

the rest of the numbers are up for grabs, make sure you already have it setup first, if you require assistance on doing this ask for help from the member that brought you in to the clan.

Those wishing to join and have already started the process must have Premium or All map packs within one week of application.

With This being said, As Alpha Squad Leader One_Chimo_F_cker. On Behalf of the Mustang GT Founder Goldviperx, The Bravo, and Charlie Squad leaders. And the Rest of the Platoon, Welcome to the Clan and we hope you Enjoy yourself with us.

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  • 4th3lawls ha scritto sulla pagina per il plotone MUSTANG:
    Hey guys, it's been a while since ive been on battlefield on this account, mostly because I have a new account (RageQuit-_-15). I'm sorry to say that i will no longer be a part of GT. It was a lot of fun when we played together, and i hope to play with you guys in the future, but i must move on with school and other things.Add my new account if you wish, i hope to play with you guys in the future, but as for GT, I am out. Thanks for everything! Signin' off.
    4th3lawls ^^^Alex15_15_15
    7 anni fa
  • dkk1014 ha scritto sulla pagina per il plotone MUSTANG:
    What does er mean at the end of my name
  • killab3anz ha scritto sulla pagina per il plotone MUSTANG:
    im guessing that we are no longer a clan? thats what this feels like... and to think you are the guys itreated better then my own family
    happer2090 I'm always online on sundays-tuesdays
    7 anni fa
    killab3anz i cant play those days and i think im just done with the mustang platoon or untill you all get your shit together
    7 anni fa
  • str8crip ha scritto sulla pagina per il plotone MUSTANG:
    whats going on with our Platoon? We are falling apart and not playing together. we really need to have a team meeting about the future of the mustangs
    happer2090 agreed, I'm always online on sunday and saturday's night
    7 anni fa
  • 1_Chimo_F_ucker ha scritto sulla pagina per il plotone MUSTANG:
    Life2087, Madmarine,Tenkster, Bsm686, and Happer2090 I request you to be on your systems 8pm eastern tonight feb 9, I realize this is short notice but now that I'm back from the field and have had a good nights rest I'd like to discuss what was posted last weekend. as per usual to accommodate numbers in your playstation menu, video / mic chat. thank you and sorry for the inconvenience
  • Z-MONSTER-MSY101 ha scritto sulla pagina per il plotone MUSTANG:
    Typo**** the server is still up if you guys wanna use it once in a while for practice or battles.. And I would still like to join you once in a while on regular games... Again. Mad marine and Chimo have access to the server..
  • Z-MONSTER-MSY101 ha scritto sulla pagina per il plotone MUSTANG:
    Mustangs. I am sorry to say that after viewing the unstructured force and mayhem that happened last clan battle I cannot be part of the clan any longer. Although I met some great players and all It just to disorganized and unstructured. Therefore I am withdrawing from mustangs platoons. No hard feeling and wish you all the best. The server is still up so that you cannot use for further clan battles or practice or jus regular games chimp and marine still have access to it..
    Mostrane altro/i 1...
    Z-MONSTER-MSY101 Not the one loss. But the total mayhem that ensues man. For starters every clan battle takes about an hour to try and set up/figure out even though we have a set time. We never have any practice games amongst the platoon which w
    7 anni fa
    Z-MONSTER-MSY101 Don't get me wrong loved representing the clan and still support y'all.
    7 anni fa
  • tenkster si è unito al plotone MUSTANG
  • happer2090 ha scritto sulla pagina per il plotone MUSTANG:
    The idea to migrate the clan will be placed on hold until further notice, leaders will decide next weekend if it is necessary to make the change or not. GO MUSTANGS!