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This platoon is now closed.

The United States Army was declared victor of Campaign 43. http://wiki.21cw.net/Campaign_43

Final Roster: http://wiki.21cw.net/United_States_Army

The United States Army (Team USA) is the Opposition in Campaign 43 of 21st Century Warfare's 32 v 32 BF3 Tournament.

The 3rd Airborne Assault Group (Team Canada) is the Coalition of Campaign 43. Link to their platoon below

Registration Opens June 8th, 2013.

General Kilo
Major General Mycatsdied
Colonel Turbodog
Lieutenant Colonel K0rea
Major Byuda
Sergeant Major of the Army KaiserZr

Company Commanders:
Captain Nota' - Alpha Company
Captain Zone15 - Bravo Company
Captain Felucian - Charlie Company
Captain Boogy321 - Delta Company
Captain Like_50_Ninjas - Echo Company
Captain Balans - Kilo Company
Captain Hooha - 160th SOAR "Night Stalkers"


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