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This is the community platoon for WD Gaming.

This platoon is looking for active, friendly & respectful Battlefield players to join up and PTFO.
Beginner to Shit bucket status, all players are welcomed.

We will have a competitive platoon prior to the release of Battlefield 4. All interested players please contact a wDG member for information.

Interested in applying? Read the requirements below:

1. Must have Team Speak
2. Must be active weekly
3. No hacking of any sort
4. Be respectful
5. Be active on the clan site / forums
6. Microphone preferred (but not required)
7.Help promote the clan
8. Have fun!

Interested in being apart of the Battlefield 4 competition platoon?

1. Must be able to listen & follow directions
2. Must attend all practices assigned by the Division Manager
3. Microphone required
4. Must have Team Speak
5. Must be active on the forums
6. Have the mindset to win & stay focused
7. No hacking or hakcusations

Further requirements will be posted on the wD forums at a later date.

Ready to be apart of a new Battlefield Era? Contact the Platoon Leader or Sub Leader(s) today!


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