Brothers In Tactics
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Join the Team!

You must first complete your probationary period with the tags "BITp". The process may take up to 1-4 weeks. During the process you will be assessed on skills and how well you communicate and respond to the leaders of the platoon. We then decide if you are fit enough for the platoon.

Like what you've read so far? See if you meet the requirements!

// 1 // Must respect all members.
// 2 // Must have a mic, if not you will remain on probation
// 3 // Must be active on battlelog. All updates will be posted on our page
// 4 // Must wear the "BIT" tags at all times, or will be kicked from the platoon after one warning.
// 5 // Must not discriminate. All members must be treated the same way.
// 6 // Must communicate effectively in games.

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