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Welcome to Ghost Recon Delta!

here we are looking for the best Recon players about, not your sit on a hill 2Km away snipers, but real recon players, getting in there, supporting your squad and of course many head shots a minute!

if you think you are the elite then this isnt for you, if you know your good, then you are welcome, team play and a group mind is needed, dont think we are what we say? look at our stats and think again.

we plan on staying small, a group within a group, if you wish to join please apply, invites will be evaluated on your stats and team play.

currently looking for squad members to form an all situations fast response team... think you have it? ask

support sniper - Loki9991

ranged counter sniper - Bennybloke

close support - panicure

rapid response - Oden993

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