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One for All (1FA) is an accomplishment club, to recognize players who have completed the task of at least ONE kill, with every possible weapon, vehicle, or equipment piece in the game that can warrant a kill.

It seems like an easy task, but how many have actually done it?

If you have done this, apply! Applications will be checked with Battlelog stats (its quicker that way), and if you have tallied 1 kill or greater with every single item that can warrant a kill (without hacking or a glitch), then your application will be accepted

Good luck!

This is the XBOX 360 division of the club.

NOTE: This accomplishment will require access to all DLCs for Battlefield 3.


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  • Dead-Sync wrote on the wall for One for All:
    I don't know if any of you can still even get this message, but for the craziest who have done this feat AGAIN in BF4 (even harder to do). I set up one for BF4 now that I finally did it again. Luckily, since Platoons are multi-platform, we don't have to worry about that any more either. Here is the link:
  • flbslb wrote on the wall for One for All:
    how many people in this platoon can say that they have all main weapons at 500+ kills?
  • flbslb wrote on the wall for One for All:
    it took some doing...but i finally got onto the leader board for stats with the IFV
  • RustyFrags joined the platoon One for All
  • itsnotunusual14 wrote on the wall for One for All:
    As the dropship appears in the vehicle list, is it possible to get kills with it?
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    Dead-Sync I actually disabled someone once and made them crash into a gunship, and had someone crash into my gunship while I was in it,and both rendered no kills with the gunship, so Im pretty sure its not possible
    7 years ago
    itsnotunusual14 I guess people running over mines while in the ship don't count for the vehicle anymore, right? That got patched some while ago I think
    7 years ago
  • Dead-Sync changed the emblem of the platoon One for All
  • Dead-Sync wrote on the wall for One for All:
    Since End Game is coming out soon for 360, Im thinking about re-promoting the club again soon, now that everyone will have access to everything and theres no longer any restriction on the S-TAC!
  • flbslb wrote on the wall for One for All:
    took me a while but i'm finally here amongst the elite.
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