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Platoon Presentation

Hello, Im Bluestar8000. This platoon is for my close friends that I have made over the time I have used Battlelog. Please try to be active on both Battlelog and Battlefield 3.

I am not going to recruit new people. I will stick with who I know and keep this platoon small and easy to run. The primary purpose of this platoon is to have fun and improve ourselves.

Our ally, which we recomend you join is called COLONIAL MARINE CORPS. The link is

If you wish to chat with me more, ask my for my phone number or email and chat and I would be happy to give it to you.

Sometimes I may plan times when we get together and play a few games. These games will mostly be against randoms, but I may plan a few games against other platoons.

If members have any recomendations or ideas, please feel free to tell me. I hope you have fun in this platoon!

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