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-- The platoons focus will be completely and unabashedly about having fun.
-Ive done the competitive aspect of bf3 and trying hard and whooping ass has left me with a sense of satisfaction but the nights that i remember the most are the ones i didn't try at all for.
-Team Knifing/pistoling/sniping/320`s and all around F.N. about left moments i won't forget and stories i won't tire of telling. So lets start having fun in the form of structured trolling in large numbers!!!
- Note: You do not have to make platoon your primary or rock the tags whatever they might be and also, this is for experienced BF3 players ONLY(Level 100c. or stats have to be impressive) my goal is to make this a social reserve that people can draw on to always have someone to play with irrespective of what their primary clan is and troll thee absolute fuck out of some kids and start laughing again - PiiNK.

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