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➫ This is the lair of the infamous cerealno. It was established on 17.10.12. By entering his lair you forgo any rights that you might think you have, except for the right to be entertained. Love me or hate me, always remember one thing: the only bad publicity is no publicity, so make your threats, post your posts, cry your tears or accept the inevitable and show some support or you'll get rage-baldness. True story.
➫ This platoon uses BetterBattlelog, because apparently something that is done for free is of a higher standard than what something is done, for which people are paid thousands of €s/month. Get it @ http://getbblog.com/en/
➫ One of the goals of this platoon is to compensate for the lack of support from EA / DICE regarding the friend list and limitations put on it. Another goal is to showcase relevant information such as videos, useful links, gameplays, match footage, streaming etc.
➫ Check out my vids and if you like 'em, contribute in any way you see fit. Also if you feel that something can be improved or have a request don't hesitate to ask. DISCLAIMER: I'm not responsible for my behaviour if what you say is idiotic.

➫ FuT founder / team captain / manager
➫ TCL founder / manager
➫ # 8 BF2 MBT Leaderboards - 28.03.2010
➫ # 1 ClanBase BF3 Conq 8v8 OpenCup Fall 2012 - 02.12.2012 ▌FuT▐
➫ # 2 ClanBase BF3 Conquest 8on8 Ladder - 27.11.2012 ▌FuT▐
➫ # 2 ESL BF3 Conquest 12on12 Cup #1 ▌FuT▐
➫ # 2 ESL BF3 Conquest 8on8 Ladder - 16.01.2013 ▌FuT▐
➫ # 2 ESL BF3 Tank Superiority 3v3 Cup ▌FuT▐
➫ # 2 TCL BF3 Tank Cup 2nd Edition - 2v2 ▌FuT▐
➫ # 1 TCL 1st 1v1 Division - 16.04.2013 ▌FuT▐
➫ # 1 TCL 1st 1v1 Division - 13.06.2013 ▌FuT▐
➫ # 1 BF3 MBT Leaderboards - 1st to reach 150.000 kills ▌FuT▐


➫ YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/cerealn0
➫ Streaming TBA

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