Harbingers of Death
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Potestas de Hominis Mortis (Power over mans death)
Minecraft Website: http://pdhmxgaming-minecraft.enjin.com/
►►►►►►►►►►►► About us ◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄

We guys and girls in the Harbingers of Death work as team and thrive to win and be the best at what we do.
But in no way do we EVER sacrifice fun, respect and honour just to win. This is a game not a battlefield we do not intend to make it seem like your in the army. No one in this platoon will ever judge or bash you on your position in the platoon, your age, your rank and skill, your play style (as long as it is not disrespectful or unorthodox).

On the side note: If you disrespect or disregard, our team, friends or anyone that we are friends with you better be ready to save your ass after that. We will be coming after you and we'll make sure that we piss you off until you rage quit. :)

►►►►►►►►►►►► Requirements to join ◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄◄

▷ There is no age limit, if you want to join add us and jump in our party sometime (NOTE: Kids will be kicked if we think you're not mature enough for the platoon.)
▷ Be Respectful and positive.
▷ You must be active at least a month, we will give you a warning every week if you have 2 warnings you will be kicked unless there is a reason given for your inactivity (You will be allowed back if you have a valid reason for the inactivity.)
▷ You have to Wear the tag [PDHM] when playing with us.
▷ You have to register on the website whether you are competitive or casual it does not matter, it only takes a few seconds of your time (Plus keep the same name as battle log or you will not be accepted as we don't know who it is that's sending the application.)

Rank System!

-RichardTheLeo (The Great All Powerful Benevolent Master Of this Fine Platoon)
-VincibleSalmon (Russian Weapon Extrodinaire)
-SpDx IrishDude
-ProvableSpoon87 (enter awesome title here)

Commanding Officers:

Staff Sergeants:
-Lethal Chronic
-Basvegas James
-Legalize Crokodile

-General Dundee
-ZigZag Pizza

To check your duties and squad roles please check our website (Only registered PDHM members can see it).
▷ http://pdhm.enjin.com/

NOTE: The leaders decide whether you are fit for competitive play or not, if you're a new player we recommend you play with the leaders and members in general so we can see exactly how good you think you are.


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  • Foeki вступает во взвод Harbingers of Death
  • Plas_Monkey пишет на стене взвода Harbingers of Death:
    Happy New Year guys. anyone wants to play BF4, message me on Xbox
  • PDHMRichard пишет на стене взвода Harbingers of Death:
    neither our casual nor our competitive teams are dead nothing about PDHM is dead except for the least important part which is the battlelog.. Pipe you really need to go do what your good at and be a keyboard warrior trolling people whom aren't your friends somewhere else and continue to be utter shit at battlefield as a hole.. I understand that you live a simple and pathetic life with nothing better to do than to come online and complain about a clan you were in 6 months ago because you need to vent out your frustrations about your third world country and a daddy who didn't love you enough in some kind of bizarre beat around the bush fashion.. I don't understand if that's the reason you spend so much time on here talking to people whom don't like you or if you get a hard on from reading your own words.. the important people are online that's what matters.. we are rebooting and revamping PDHM on bf4 after a 1 month dead zone between the beta coming out and BF4 releasing and my daughter
  • Plas_Monkey пишет на стене взвода Harbingers of Death:
    this feels like CMC all over again
    Показать еще (77)...
    Plas_Monkey It shows what this platoon is and has. Passionate Leaders and members. I'm also not in much of a position to help revamp the platoon.
    7 г. назад
    PDHMRichard we all have a roll to play my friend no matter how big or small we can all make a difference
    7 г. назад
  • TypedMedal125 пишет на стене взвода Harbingers of Death:
    this is my resignation from this platoon it is dead and nothing seems to happen but i hope to still play with you guys
  • Plas_Monkey пишет на стене взвода Harbingers of Death:
    Is anything going on? seems like everyone died
    Retired-Moriarty Everyone did die.... the platoon has been dead for 4 months now.
    7 г. назад
  • TypedMedal125 пишет на стене взвода Harbingers of Death:
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    V1CTA Harbingers is Dead Typed.
    7 г. назад
    TypedMedal125 already know that
    7 г. назад
  • LaazRock вступает во взвод Harbingers of Death
  • VincibleSalmon9 пишет на стене взвода Harbingers of Death:
    Starting October 1st there will be "PDHM day" until the beta ends. It'll start 10AM EST until midnight everyday. You're welcome to come and go as you please, but try to be on for a while.