AAS Expansion
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For all of you who have played games with Advance & Secure know that this is probably the best & FAIR game mode of all time. Specifically in Delta Force type games. Advance & Secure is basically like a Tug-of-War between two teams, with 5 or more control points (ABCDE) Each team starts with either A&B or D&E, they then fight for C the neutral control point & may advance from there to the next control point. If one team captures all the control points they win, however it gets harder & harder as the team advances because the team gets that much closer to the enemy base.This game mode delivers a much more strategic & fair game play, Both teams must attack and defend at the same time. Form strategic plans such as major flanks (bc there is no boundary) & players must use vehicles wisely instead of using them as a taxi. Anyways, Lets see if we can make this happen guys! Spread the word!

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