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as a clan we aim to
• have fun.
• support each other.
• utilise our respective classes
(resupply. revive. reveal. ruin.)

having mics on is always a bonus, so is being able to hang shit on each other and still enjoy the game.
remember, its just pixels.

open for all levels, so hit us up, we may surprise you :)
if you have been accepted into the clan, please add me on PSN to start playing. W1ZARD--

" W 1 Z A R D - - "
spaced it out so you can read it clearly.

the VICE clan can be found on the following titles.
[BF3 & BF:BC2] + [PAYDAY: The Heist] + [COD:BO & MW3] + [Skate 2]
on PS3, X360 & PC.

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