Balls of Doom
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The platoon for those, to whom being manly just isn't enough, when playing Battlefield; Balls.

-Wall of Balls-

§1.1: Always play like you got a set of balls, even if you don't. Gender is not relevant.

§2.1: Always go balls first, even when defending.

§3.1: Always enter a room balls swinging, and don't exit until it's cleared out.

§4.1: If you don't know where your balls have gone off to, it's imperative, that you find them A.S.A.P.
§4.2: If you didn't spawn with a set of balls, suicide, re-spawn and try to muster a pair.
§4.3: If someone has taken your balls, you obviously didn't deserve them to begin with.

§5.1: P.T.F.O.

§6.1: Complaining/moaning/whining/bitching/winging about a weapon, is always contrary to having a set of balls. The problem is always the player. Commonly known by the phrase: "It's not the arrow Jimmy, it's the indian."

§7.1: Having a set of balls mean, that you don't let others think for you. Think like you play(*See §1.1).

§8.1: Never let your balls touch other balls. Not cool in any way. To avoid the situation, make sure to never block other players.
§8.2: Should you find yourself in ball-to-ball contact, back off immediately, find out who's responsible for the situation, and let him know like a man, that he's invading your ball-space.
§8.3: Should you by accident be responsible for 'ball-space-invasion', then back off immediately, and apologize, but do not shake hands. Get on with your business and pretend nothing happened.
§8.4: Never take up more ball-space than needed. Avoid standing in door-ways, narrow hall-ways or other choke points, longer than necessary.

§9.1: Nobody is a cheater, until actual proof is provided. Under-qualified opinions of scrubs, is considered outright disgustingly offensive, to anyone with a pair of balls.
§9.2: If someone does not, in your opinion deserve, credit for frag, then the terms 'scrub!' or 'random!', are both valid arguments.
§9.3: Using the slag term 'n00b' does not only mean that you yourself are "an ignorant newbie", you're also dumb enough to not even realize slamming yourself. A set of balls on such an individual is highly unlikely.

§10.1: The more cliche self-proclaimed nick-name, the smaller the balls. This is a simple matter of compensation.
§10.2: The more players with cliche names on the server, the more reason you have to make fun of them. They chose the name, they chose the size of their balls, they chose the need to be ridiculed.
§10.3: Names of exceptionally lame nature, requires an exceptional effort of ridicule. This includes the names and similar; 'Blade', 'Dark(surfix)', 'Death(surfix)', 'Doom(surfix)', etc., you get the point. If you don't, you don't have balls at all.

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