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Hello User! Welcome to my Battlelog Profile!.
Everything is open, you're free to check stats, my battle reports but not my Battle feed, sorry. Feel free to add me if you wish as well :)

A little information about myself;
Finished school, i am 18, Australian. I play a large variety of video games across multiple platforms. But i play Battlefield on Xbox 360. I have no intentions of upgrading to current generation anytime soon.

I am now a retired Competitive Australian Battlefield 3 player, i have a bunch of tips, tricks and retain a vast knowledge base across the Battlefield games concerning weapons, attachments etc.

I reached level 50 in Battlefield Bad Company 2 in 350 Hours
I reached Colonel 100 in Battlefield 3 in 326 Hours.
I reached Level 110 in Battlefield 4 in 171 Hours.

- Foody
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