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AKA The Duck
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Dear Peeps,
I love you all. If I don't like you, you really gotta be a dick. I get along with everyone.
- Tonka still the badest girl on the bf block.
- Monkey makes me laugh at everything he says. (Especially to hugs and kisses)
- Bravo is the angriest brit i know <3. We were the 2 man wrecking crew in bf3.
- aM is a great bunch of guys. One of the best teams i've been apart of by far. Proud member since 5/5/2014.
- feel free to join me anytime. just dont spam invites -_-
- Frag Nation BF4 season 1 Champs undefeated :D

- There once was a man from venus, with a rocketship for a _____.
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