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I'm Number 2 in the world for Dog fighting in the scout... retired as of 8/1/15 (Xbox One)
-(YouTube/lI Shock .Wave Il
☣...I'm Mysterious And I Stomp Those Who Underestimate Me...☣
I'm a Scout Pilot Mostly but I pilot jets sometimes...
Rapture - I just wanna be like YEEE one day <3
HeavyHitterz77 - Stiller Than A Lamp Post...(Ugh Big daddy)
Relaxifying - Wont DF me for some reason </3
PixelDesignHD - "Why you so quite bro ?" (Rapes me in jet DF)
It'sClearly - Rep Hungry ;D
TheScout Reaper(God Damn Scout) - Don't melt me now !! :p
Whisper - My 1vs1 Buddy!!
Tank Melts Op - My Attack Heli Noob :)
Korpus Draige - My streaming pale ! :-)
Shield 2013 - He Underestimated me </3 :'( so I stomped him.
Wreckology - "I'm High leave me alone" lol
o AZORES o - I like turtles :)
Oskookso - "Stop using XIM Haxxxer!"
Super Amped - I want your $1400 surface ! </3
---(More But Can't Remember)
Best Pub Games
140-0 (Scout)
149-1 (scout)
136-1 (Scout)
126-2 (scout)


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