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Website: www.fierceeagles.com • Created: 2014-02-27

111,949 / 205,000

1338h 49m
→About Us :
Welcome to Fierce Eagles: Pakistan's premium gaming clan.

If you want to join, contact FE leaders on TeamSpeak: ts.FierceEagles.com

→Platoon Rules :
1.Only apply if you want to play with us. No teamwork... No membership.
2.Show respect to fellow clan mates.
3.Forget your K/D ratio, PTFO!
4.Teamspeak is mandatory to join FE. Always be there while playing, even if you have no mic.

→Teamspeak Address:

https://www.facebook.com/Fierce.Eagles [facebook.com]

→Youtube Channel:
https://www.youtube.com/user/OfficialFierceEagles [youtube.com]


Fierce Eagles is currently recruiting For further information contact our recruitment officer SgT_No0B on our teamspeak: ts.FierceEagles.com
3 years ago • 2 likes
can i come i am a big fan
3 years ago
Do you guys tolerate self revive hacks in your platoon?? I got a video you may be interested in...get back to me asap plz. dan.santis@gmail.com
2 years ago • 0 Like
GG, NN over and out ;)
3 years ago • 1 Like
Can a noob like me join this clan ? :(
3 years ago • 0 Like
noobs are always welcome but not fags :D
3 years ago
I Want to Join FE Platoon Plzzz
4 years ago • 1 Like
3 years ago
3 years ago
hey hasseb bro recruit me let me know :)
3 years ago • 0 Like
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yeah they recruit too who dont know to respect :3
3 years ago
heisen berg noora
3 years ago
please send me invite too...
3 years ago • 0 Like
Hey FE :D let me in :)
3 years ago • 0 Like
Fierce Eagles is currently recruiting For further information contact our recruitment officer SgT_No0B on our teamspeak: ts.FierceEagles.com
3 years ago
i got my internet back i'll contact in 2 days from now
3 years ago
i want to join this platoon
3 years ago • 0 Like
Fierce Eagles brings a 3 day event to prove your mettle and get a chance to win Corsair H2100 Gaming Headset and Counter strike Global offense

Like our Facebook page

For registration and details visit

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YjW_FJG4aI [youtube.com]
3 years ago • 2 likes
Hello, we're looking for friendly platoons to play CF DOM 8vs8
If you're interested, please contact me via battlelog or email
nilaiveja@gmail.com or other member Lietuvis888
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/1324723154041815143/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
Thank You!
3 years ago • 0 Like
fuckin laggers
3 years ago • 0 Like
http://www.twitch.tv/metinpasa1989 [twitch.tv]
So follow my stream and I will follow yours if you have one, or just simply come watch me play tomorrow and I know you'll enjoy yourself :)
3 years ago • 0 Like
i wanna join u guys
4 years ago • 0 Like
They don't take hackers and cheaters in their platoon so sorry bruh!
3 years ago
3 years ago
4 years ago • 0 Like
lol, but u have made it, havent u?
3 years ago
LOL and they don't take cheaters and hackers in their platoon..so soory :D
3 years ago
I heard you guys wanted to have a clan match with TNT, for that we propose a 6 vs 6 domination in 1st map locker, 2nd map rogue, 3rd map siege (500 Tickets and NO RULES) on Sunday 21st June 8:15 a.m in the morning.
3 years ago • 0 Like
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we proposed the sunday morning because it is the most suitable day and time in ramzan for people to come and play BF4
3 years ago
Yaar i messaged Haseeb Bhai on FB so be patient Osama
3 years ago
challenge to FE ALI-KIller Boy On Locker 1v1 Domination :)
4 years ago • 0 Like
u can ask him in pvt why using this platoon to challenge a single person :/
4 years ago
Hey Fierce Eagles :) greetings from BAM :D
Atm we are working at a social gaming network for all gamers, clans, letsplayers, and so on.
www.bamgaming.net [bamgaming.net]
Till now, every clan has his own Website, but its very hard to find new Members or Clan/Funmatches. We want to create a Platform for everyone to interact with her friends, find sympathizers or clans, share Gameplay-videos and blogs to her followers, discuss in global or groupintern forums and much more. Furthermore we want to make it easier for clans to admin and extend her clan.
Everyone could found a group at bamgaming.net to find kindred spirits (like a let´s Players Group, or a Admins-group) or you found your own group to admin/extend your own Clan. Every group has his own Forum, wall, presentation, history, and we are working at a direct regist-link for guests for every group. We´ll add much more Features, like a videocloud, a game-livestream with streamsaving at our cloud, and much more. You could take a look at our scheme of improvements at the intern-globalforum if you are registered. You could also add Feedback and Ideas at our Feedback-forum.
That was only a first look at BAM Social Gaming Network!
Visit us at www.BAMgaming.net [bamgaming.net]
You could find more Infos about the website and our clan at our FAQ.
4 years ago • 0 Like