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Website: battlefield.rip/ • Created: 2015-09-03

14,058,862 / 3,306,000

2500h 53m
Website: http://battlefield.rip/ [battlefield.rip]

We're open to any 8v8/10v10 PCWs/Scrims BCL rules.

1° in 8v8 MyOnlineWar League Asia

Contact Us to set up a scrim on this page or on our official website .

Our 8v8/10v10 lineup:

Ace2445 - Malaysia
Seasonalwaifu - Singapore
Doubleukaykay - Malaysia
Finecut_elite - Malaysia
Hercules3110 - Malaysia
PakJabitSabit87 - Malaysia
SexySadistIris - Malaysia
Zoros3112 - Malaysia

HawkAvenger- Sri Lanka
Kao-pad-Moo - Ireland/Thailand

Kao-pad-Moo - Ireland/Thailand
Hercules3110 - Malaysia
HawkAvenger- Sri Lanka

Attack Boat
Kao-pad-Moo - Ireland/Thailand


Attack Helicopter
Mongus- United States of America (USA)
HawkAvenger - Sri Lanka

Scout Helicopter
Mongus- United States of America (USA)
HawkAvenger - Sri Lanka

Jet Pilots
SexySadistIris - Malaysia

PH4NTOM_Z- Malaysia
ItsjustZeddy- Malaysia
Rei101- Singapore
Tankerrr- Indonesia
NSPapaBear- Malaysia

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuinyRE1VGg [youtube.com] 8v8 Montage by ItsJustZeddy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuKwS5T1LMY [youtube.com] 8v8 Montage by ace2445

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUarnvSl-LE [youtube.com] by Kao-pad-Moo

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jw0WDKodePM&feature=youtu.be [youtube.com] Tank gameplay by HawkAvenger


Hi dont forget to report on our DAWN platoons for any hackers in dawn server. I'm not an admin but just helping out. Thanks.
2 years ago • 3 likes
Don't worry Collar, we usually do :)
2 years ago
Thanks! see you guys in the field :D
2 years ago
If a 2v2 heli cup was to take place in Asia, held by ACES HIGH GAMING and MyOnlineWAR.eu, would you take part?

Please answer here :) https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LBH79XG [surveymonkey.com]
1 year ago • 0 Like
Can I join you guys? Thanks~
2 years ago • 2 likes
Hi Chappie. Thank you for your interest in our platoon. Unfortunately we are not recruiting any players at the moment. However feel free to join us play if you want :)
2 years ago
Whos the queen ?? add me lehhhhh weiiiiii.. very sien play alone lehhhhh..
2 years ago • 2 likes
Owh mai gat !!! Founder Sunny !!! add meeeeeeee sunny boyyyyyyyyy =D
2 years ago
2 years ago
Happy belated new year to all of you :)
2 years ago • 3 likes
Same goes to you Blaze
2 years ago
2 years ago • 3 likes
Hello everyone,

Every Asian and Oceanians Teams are kindly invited to the 8v8 Conquest Open Cup Asia / Oceania hosted by MyOnlineWAR.eu!
We are trying our best to bring 8v8 to Asia (after ESL and BNL gave no support) and are trying our best to support it with this cup!
If you have a line-up of at least 8 players with 2 tank drivers (who can also drive IFVs), an attack heli crew, a jet pilot and at least 3 infantry players, you can sign your team up now!
The deadline for registration is set on Saturday September 11th which will also be the day the Cup starts!

For more information, please visit this page : http://my-online-war.eu/?page_id=295 [my-online-war.eu] as well as the subpages. To sign your team up please create an account on our forums, make sure you have read all the rules and regulations, and make a new thread after completing the Official Application Form available on our website! The forum address to sign up is : http://forum.my-online-war.eu/viewforum.php?f=22 [forum.my-online-war.eu]

Cheers and happy (competitive) gaming!

2 years ago • 0 Like
Thanks Walli! And amazing you're making this thing happen. Hats off to you good sir :)
2 years ago