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Website: gos-games.ru • Created: 2015-02-01

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Добро пожаловать в =|GOS|= GOD OF SNIPERS

Если у вас есть желание или вы чувствуйте в себе силы/возможности играть в команде, обладаете чувством юмора, да и просто не прочь себя попробовать в командной игре - то welcome.
В клан принимаются исключительно русскоязычные игроки

Наш сайт: www.gos-games.ru

Наш Discord: https://discord.gg/PZpF8gb [discord.gg]


Получить VIP - Слот можно абсолютно бесплатно у нас на сайте: http://www.gos-games.ru [gos-games.ru]

Наш сервер:

Наш канал: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUZPizjqFsPrZ385G3tTmbw?view_as=subscriber [youtube.com]

https://www.facebook.com/groups/402527633644743/ [facebook.com]

*** Играйте честно и весело ***


Make up your Mind!!!

Hi Guys,

I like your server settings. You have very fast vehicle spawn and not too many rules. I played every day while you were Silk Road 24/7. But you are now drifting away into the rapids towards oblivion. Get back on track and your server will be full every day!

1. Do not ban people just because they are better players. You banned Shieldwall1965 for no good reason at all
2. 3200 tickets is way too much!! With little players on board it takes hours to complete a round. Players just leave before that and they will NOT return. MAX 1600 tickets (my optimum).
3. Don't be a Golmud server just because many players like Golmud. There are way too many Golmud servers to fill them all. Stand out.
4. Don't be a "best maps rotation" server. People will leave, and you just don't pickup many house players like that.
5. Get rid of the silly bad language plugin. This is a 18+ game. People leave when they get kicked for saying F***
6. Get back to the Silk Road 24/7 1600 tickets Fast Vehicle No rules routine and STICK there.
9 months ago • 2 likes
https://www.facebook.com/groups/402527633644743/ [facebook.com] join the group
5 days ago • 0 Like
Getting banned from ur server for killing someone in a dogfight haha :D
4 weeks ago • 0 Like
Madtilldead kicked me for no reason. I was on a good killstreak in the LAV and killed him a few times, then he kicked me. Sad to see badmins still on bf4..
2 months ago • 1 Like
madtilldead is an admin too rosik that kick the player random only for rosik and faggot you are a bimbominchia di merda si dice in italiano go to tbag your mum
5 months ago • 1 Like
Same, got randomly kicked when I was on a killstreak
2 months ago
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hello all :)
7 months ago • 0 Like
Привет всем я сделал для каждого игрока клана RUFI VIP места на моем сервере
=IGOSI= PREMIUM :: 1600 TICKETS :: BF4DB заходите в любое время дажи если сервер будет полный. ( Все для друзей :)
9 months ago • 0 Like
ME ?? Did i hurt you in some way, if that's the case i apologize.

You should know that 247fairplay.com isn't a really a cheat detector. It only flags suspicious stats.
I am not a cheater, this is a smurf account. I play almost exclusively in Snipe and Pistol servers.
That's why my stats are red. And that is why they say i am suspicious.

Then it is up to the admins to decide weither or not to ban.

You can check in BF4DB that my account is CLEAN and GOOD.

Actually ALL my accounts are CLEAN and GOOD.

I just have crazy stats.
9 months ago
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=|GOS|= Conquest | Silk Road | 1600 Tickets | PBBans

http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/ru/servers/show/pc/a878956e-d90f-4b58-8342-08ebb6c9e4c5/GOS-Conquest-Silk-Road-1600-Tickets-PBBans/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
10 months ago • 1 Like
The player who joins the team undertakes to make a cash Deposit of 5 euro each month !

Игрок который вступает в команду обязуется вносить денежный вклад по 5 euro каждый месяц !

New Server - TeamSpeak 3 IP:
10 months ago • 0 Like
teamspeak adress ts90.nitrado.net:10550 join and talk gos clan recruiting
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New =|GOS|= Server - TeamSpeak 3 IP:
11 months ago • 0 Like

address: ts90.nitrado.net:10550
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Group: Administrator is https://www.facebook.com/alexboyko12345 [facebook.com]
1 year ago • 0 Like
Hey Guys, I have been playing on your servers for a long time now. Always fair, never behaved bad or did something restricted.
Today in the night i suddently god banned from your servers for "hacking" , i ll put the link of the battlereport in thecomments.
Just curious about your Admins resason for banning me from that server...
Would love to change your mind, and to be able to play on your server again. Thx
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1 year ago • 1 Like
=|GOS|= Clan is Recruiting
1 year ago • 1 Like