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Created: 2014-03-01

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=NoM= is a group of friends who play together mainly on the teamplayergaming.com servers. We are a (mostly) mature and well rounded group - feel free to say hi, if you liked playing with us and want to join feel free to ask us how!


anyone still play?
5 months ago • 0 Like
Hey guys, let me know if I can wear your tag so I can stay in same squads with Jhonas, Sadar and Tallroth
3 years ago • 0 Like
Been playing with a few of you guys for a bit now, seems like a cool group.

I don't think I'm quite qualified to join just yet (seeing the stats of the members and whatnot), but I would be interested to join, in the near future.
4 years ago • 0 Like
NoM Clan is always providing a challenging experience and the members are both friendly and knowledgeable. Through my extensive time spent with both schmobs and Visusvius its evident that NoM has a built on the tenets of providing an enjoying playing experience and being welcoming members of the community.
5 years ago • 1 Like
Hi, this is Luke. I play some with Maximus, Clever, and War, and I was wondering if I could join you guys? Relative of Salterclan
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5 years ago • 0 Like
I played with a member named visuvius, and he told me if interested to come here/teamplayergaming.com to join since I was a good squad member lol. would be fun to actually have people to play with
5 years ago • 0 Like
liked playing with the few that I have and want to see how to join
6 years ago • 1 Like
Why is the floor wet...?
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