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Website: www.over30clan.net • Created: 2014-02-27

17,917,622 / 3,306,000

5577h 31m

Hard day at work? Are you a married guy/girl under the thumb, or divorced, lonely and bitter. Boss causing you stress? Kids too demanding? Or maybe your girlfriend/boyfriend is nagging you for some attention.

We feel your pain! Come and join some of the craziest, downtrodden soldiers out there. Fighting back, against all the anger and frustration, that comes with the responsibility of a mundane modern life

Don’t run lone wolf getting constantly dog tagged,& tea bagged Do it with friends

Step onto the Battlefield with young at heart guys and gals, that always watch your back. There will always be a platoon member online to squad up with from our 80+ worldwide membership.

We can offer you great company & fun , whilst improving your gaming skills, we play socially, and also have a competition section for those seeking more of a challenge.

All we ask is that you are 30 or over, with a good team-play ethic. We will only recruit and retain active members who play together and visit our website regularly.

Don’t just join a platoon join a community!

“Cometh the Hour, Cometh the Clan!”


Please visit our clan website below and apply to join; you will not be disappointed. NO APPLICATION IS CONSIDERED UNTIL YOU ARE REGISTERED ON OUR CLAN WEBSITE

Clan Website:
http://www.over30clan.net/ [over30clan.net]

Clan YouTube:
http://www.youtube.com/user/O3CPlatoon/ [youtube.com]

Platoon Leaderboard: can be found on the website.
***************************************************************************************************************************ALL New players wanting to join the platoon must FIRST join the clan website and make an application in the recruitment section.

We look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield...Hooah!


O3C recruitment is currently open to all 30+ year old players, man or woman. We're seeking to bolster our North American presence on the Battlefield. Just we ask that you are a team player and want to have fun with this bunch of manics.
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Keep it fresh
2 years ago
Click here for Promo movie
http://youtu.be/V3GEpllyeqg [youtu.be]
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All recruitment is now done via recommendation by existing members. Any person wishing to join O3C should contact an O3C member and express that wish. You will then be expected to squad up and play to determine if you are going to be an active member and not merely passing through.
O3C is built on active committed members over 30 years of age.
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Add a few leaders on XBL live and let them know you want to join and squad up. No try outs we just want active members who will also use our clan website.
4 years ago
xbox live message me gold - justonce68 is my gamertag
4 years ago
Will you guys be playing Battlefield 1? Would like to join back up with you gentlemen if possible!
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Applied 4 days ago, no reply, just wondering if same rules apply...play with and be recommended by a member? Thanks and cheers.
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47yrs old, retired USN, would love to join a "team" , level 140 on xbox one. My gamertag is OutlawedSaint , thanks for your time gents.
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just noticed I'm not listed as a member on here! my tags must have carried over from the 360
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Hi I have been accepted but not on Battlelog so I cant make platoon active
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Anybody wants to join a fun clan come and check us out. If you enjoy a bit of friendly banter and good squad work you'll love it here.
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We are actively looking to recruit more N Americans at the moment, hit up Hooligan Buddha on xblive or here for more details
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do you have any members on 360
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Check out www.over30clan.net
3 years ago
Hello guys,
what about some friendly scrim? T12 CQ small
Please message me back. We are mostly over 30yrs old too.
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This is BEAST xm - can you add me to the clan on here?
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Hi Guy`s,

thank you so much for your great support, and your fair teamplay on our server!
Michu sends me the measage from Randy Andy 2000, thanks alot for the nice comment about the server!
Hope to see you guys furthermore on our server, if you have any inspirations or wishes about the server rotation, please let us know and send a short measage on our xbox live accounts, or on our Platoon page here on Battlelog ;-)

greetings from germany,

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Greetings my friends ^^
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hello guys, I would like to invite u to a tournament league Mode Conquest 12vs12, I know that 1N has invited you already, please contact me sooner, we would like to start Friday 12th
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