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XBOXONE-HQ Battlefield 4 Platoon - JOIN US!
http://www.xboxone-hq.com [xboxone-hq.com]


UMMM I APPLIED SO LONG AGO. Is anyone even active on here Founder Wise?
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Bf4 stats suck I'm better in bf1 just looking for a squad to play the objective like me
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Hey can i Join im DOGZHQReverse4 friend
4 years ago • 0 Like
Hey guys I was wondering if you wanted to vs us in a scrim sometime conquest or domination, regards LaZY Clan
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XBOXONEHQ.COM - Official BF4 Server Now Online: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/xboxone/a04f0242-bb09-49c5-b2cd-e34559eae3bd/XBOXONEHQ-COM/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Search for XONEHQ or XBOXONEHQ in your server browser!
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i applied can you plz except
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Hey mate,

Just quick msg to get you & boys signed up at www.bfaunz.com

New site, since CG no longer has xbox section that means games like BF, gears, halo no longer reprisented communities as well as future titles like R6seige, Star Wars Battlefront, The Division will no longer have a community voice.

So sign up, share your stories, vids, and eventually use to attract new members or just meet crew to add to squad up with.

Trying to get all leaders within community on same page & that definitely includes you as xbox hq history of support goes right back to first ever aus nz bfbc2 ladders at cg. So youve been there since day dot!!

See you there bud, get ya bf mates to sign up or just any good players you meet in your travels give them a headsup.


6 years ago • 3 likes
What up ALBeast. You sent me a msg on XBL "*sigh* if only you weren't in this lobby"
Very lmao.
I'm assuming you meant coz you wanted to fly the lil bird and i stole it off that blue-berry that couldn't fly.
Couldn't reply on XBL, temp banned from msg's coz 2 troll ;)
Just dropping in to say GG's, thanks for the reps and happy to share a choppi with ya anytime.
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Nah I'm a nobody now, used to be #1 a year ago but haven't flown choppi's for months.
You picked a good time lol, one of the only times I've choppi'd in 4 ever.
Gotta delete a bunch of people then I'll add you :)
6 years ago
Awesome:) I look forward to piloting with you:P
6 years ago
I'd like to join, mainly because I'm looking for people I can work with as a team. Hope you'll accept me into the platoon!
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See you on the Battlefield!
6 years ago
6 years ago
New Battlefield Clips added this week - http://www.youtube.com/XONEHQ [youtube.com]
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Can I join your platoon.
Nice vids on youtube btw
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I hope i can join your platoon as i will be getting an xbox one in the next few weeks:) and bf4 is literally the only game i play....also im from youtube "Your wasting time reading this name so move along and read my comment"
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Sounds good :) See you soon then.
6 years ago
hey i subscribe to you on youtube and recently got an xbox getting BF4 soon and hope i can join your platoon BTW awsome vids
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Check out some of our Battlefield 4 Gameplay in Full HD 1080p on the official XONEHQ YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/XONEHQ [youtube.com] - Loads of BF4 Clips to browse through.
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6 years ago
XBOXONE-HQ on YouTube:
http://www.youtube.com/XONEHQ [youtube.com]
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