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Website: www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=769205 • Created: 2014-02-27
782h 18m
This is a CONSOLE Platoon, join here for PC:
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/platoons/view/3060688774698025168/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]

Ask in the thread, send a PM or post your GAF-nick on public wall to be accepted


GAF: B1gg_Randall
PSN: B1ggRandall
2 weeks ago • 0 hooahs
GAF: Nocturnx
PSN: Nocturnx

Looking to join fellow gaffers on PS4.
3 weeks ago • 0 hooahs
PSN: PsychOut83
Gaf: TheMan

looking to join, i play on PS4
4 weeks ago • 0 hooahs
Looking to join

GAF: SirUseless II
PSN: ady_pop92
4 weeks ago • 0 hooahs
Looking to join the PS4 group.

GAF: Ascenion
PSN: SpiderguyZER0-G
1 month ago • 0 hooahs
Looking to be approved.

GAF tag: Face it tiger..
1 month ago • 0 hooahs
Looking for people to play on PS4.

GAF/PSN name is: dkeane
1 month ago • 0 hooahs
GAF & Gamertag = mbmonk

I am looking for some fellow gaffers to play with on Xbox One.

- I play from roughly 8pm EST - 10pm EST
- I only have BF4 vanilla; so I don't have any map packs.
- I prefer Conquest gametype
1 month ago • 0 hooahs
GAF: Gumball
1 month ago • 0 hooahs
GAF: Denzel

(p.s idk why i posted same gaf as person below me sleepy)
1 month ago
GAF: Gumball
PSN: OMGitsKonvict
1 month ago • 0 hooahs
GAF: Mchuj
PSN: Mchuj
1 month ago • 0 hooahs
GAF: PeskyToaster
PSN: PeskyToaster
I'm on between 7PM to 1AM EST weekdays, any time weekends
1 month ago • 0 hooahs
PSN: A_dmg04

Usually on between 8PM PST till sometime in the AM.
US West Coast.
2 months ago • 0 hooahs
GAF: dmg04
2 months ago
Gaf: AyaisMUsikWhore
Psn: AyaisMUsikHore

I posted in the thread too just in case. Thanks!
2 months ago • 0 hooahs
GAF: Dan23669
PSN: dan23669
I'm on all the time...but mostly Afternoons and Nights
2 months ago • 0 hooahs
Hey all, I'm Sain Drevia on GAF and mashbaugh67 on PSN. Looking forward to squadding up!
2 months ago • 0 hooahs
GAF: MattDoza
PSN: MattDoza
2 months ago • 0 hooahs
Really have to thank olimpia84 for the awesome rage rant! That was most excellent my friend. For a solid minute you unleashed on us for how bad we play, swearing and screaming into the headset. I mean, one day I want to be just like you man! But, alas, I am not cool enough yet. I am not very good at BF4 and not good at being a rager. Do you have a book on Amazon I can buy that teaches your amazing style? Please link. Would love to purchase and learn from the master! Thanks bub.
4 months ago • 2 hooahs
Good news is I don't have to write a book about my amazing style. In fact, I'll tell you right now my secret but promise you won't share it with anybody: In Conquest you capture flags to drain tickets from the enemy and that's how you win games. So there you go, no books needed, now you're a pro at Battlefield.
2 months ago
GAF: DainBramage
PSN: jadrijevic
3 months ago • 0 hooahs
GAF: RunningRiot
PSN: TKRunningRiot
3 months ago • 0 hooahs