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Website: www.sfosquad.com • Created: 2014-02-28

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StrikeForce Ops has along history with FPS games. Most of us date back to Delta Force 2. Over the years we have moved a long with the newest games out. We invite you to join our TeamSpeak

*Applications to join are currently being accepted. You must be over 16 and mature, have TeamSpeak3 with a working microphone, commit to staying active in all StrikeForce Op's activities i.e, website forums, TeamSpeak, gaming on our servers etc...


Hello Maverick banned for hacking without proof... you can cheek my account it is clean since i do not hack. come to my clan team speak (where you will not banned ) to talk about it. Or do nothing you are all welcome to come.
5 years ago • 0 Like
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All hail albertmarian..... i'm not worthy....I'm not worthy.. teach me your ways.... oh great one
5 years ago
you certainly aren't you piece of shit..... once again stay on your server/safe space....
5 years ago
Hey guys! If you were wondering why I haven't been playing much its because I can't get on your server ever since those matches when you were scrimming against the DOGZ clan
6 years ago • 0 Like
I used to play Delta Force.
6 years ago • 1 Like