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Website: squadup3mob.com • Created: 2014-02-27

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Less Clan... More Community > 3MOB Squad + Battlefield Community

Like the benefits of playing Battlefield 4 or 3 with a skilled, organized, and disciplined group but the whole clan structure kinda crimps your style? You're not alone and may have just found your new BF Community home.

We've got the community and teamwork that'll make your Battlefield experience even more awesome! We are a North American based, fun, mature, and well established community that plays Battlefield 4, Battlefield 3, Squad, and a few other tactical shooters as well.

Our community roots date back to the beginning of the Battlefield Series in 2002. Visit Us Online To Learn More:
Forums:   3MOB Squad + Battlefield Community Forums [forums.squadup3mob.com]
Website:  SquadUp3MOB.com Website [squadup3mob.com]

No quirky recruitment process either. If you're 17 or older, act mature, and consider yourself a team-player come squad up with us in-game. Head on over to our forums and introduce yourself to the community here: http://forums.squadup3mob.com/viewforum.php?f=3 [forums.squadup3mob.com]


It's 3 on Thursdays and that means we'll be throwing back to Battlefield 3 tonight as a group. Event "officially" begins at 11 PM EDT but as always will be guys on playing before then.
http://forums.squadup3mob.com/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=3089 [forums.squadup3mob.com]
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Gearing Up For Battlefield 1 PC Edition

Battlefield 1 PC EditionCommunity:   3MOB Battlefield 1 PC Edition Community [squadup3mob.com]
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By this I mean I pre-ordered--just to clarify. Ok thanks!
2 years ago
LOL. Awesome.
2 years ago
Our 48 Slot BF4 Community Server is now online. Join & Add Our 48 Slot BF4 Community Server [battlelog.battlefield.com] To Your Favorites!
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Be Sure To Join Us On July 15, 2014 As We Storm The New Dragon's Teeth Maps!
http://bf4platoons.com/battlefield-4-dragons-teeth-game-play-review-release-date-release-times/ [bf4platoons.com]
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http://youtu.be/YQ7pcrQBeJk [youtu.be]

^^^ Join 3MOB BF4 Community ^^^
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Dr.Evil here. Let's play whenever we get a chance and need a break from BF1
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Is this platoon still alive?
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So where the people at? Lets jam!
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If it aint about the money, puffy just dont care
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What about that D Teeth?!
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turn it up
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Hey was wondering if i can join.
I just started playing BF4 on PC as i just got it 2 days ago, coming from PS3 25Fps. I just started and im getting used to everything, i was a long time bf4 player in PS3 and now im trying to learn everything PS3 got. I play the objective and help teammates as much as i can to grab us the win. As i said i just started PC gaming so stats arent good at all. I'm 16 years old and got a mic and have no problems using teamspeak.
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Happy Holidays 3MOB
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It was nice to play with some of you again on the servers, this final stand is cool and confusing. I was kicked twice for not knowing what the Phantom something hunt was all about. OOPs?LOL Should always check rules. Semper Fi Everyone
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Hey Albert, is that a twin or a full bed in the background of your selfie??? you live in your grandma's basement??? lol
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please kick him from your clan for an ungodly selfie!!!!
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Albert Marian has a huge snoz!
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Hello hello hello!
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Hello i just wanted to stop in and say hello to 3MOB and let you know that albertmarian is an outstanding team player and you'r lucky to have him !!!!!!
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