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We are first and foremost a Gaming Community. The New Angry Army, also known as the AJSA, was formed to provide like minded gamers of all types a friendly environment where members can play together, discuss ideas, give game advice, and converse about any other aspect of gaming with other members. It is our hope through positive play, dialogue with developers through Angry Joe and other gaming clans that we can improve and enhance the games we play. With that said, the AJSA asks you conduct yourself in a civilized respectful manner when participating in and out of the AJSA community as by association you be seen to represent Angry Joe, Competitive AJSA E-sport teams, and the Greater Community as a whole.

Platoon Leader: QwiK
Sergeants: TBD


http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/en/platoons/view/8023530856864984373/ [battlelog.battlefield.com] Transfer to this platoon it got cleaned up, but dont leave this one!
3 years ago • 0 Like
I have been rejected from that one. It says I must be invited.
3 years ago
Reforming the AJSA Platoon PC for good reasons. Tell members to join this platoon.
3 years ago • 2 likes