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Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Hunting


Welcome to a Multiplay BattlefieldGirl Server By Mileena_Mi!( Battlefield Hardline)
No Stupid Rules, All Weapons Allowed!
http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bfh/ru/servers/show/pc/db467631-1979-4a15-9622-5cf14edd61af/MULTIPLAY-BATTLEFIELDGIRL-SERVER-BY-MILEENA-MI/ [battlelog.battlefield.com]
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Potential Easter egg clue, up this comment to get Jacks attention please XOXOXO. Chinese translation needed for Chinese symbols found in Paracel Island area on leader board map 10/01/15
It's a well known fact that the BF series maps are based on actual locations. The Paracel islands are located in the south China sea. If you go onto the leader board map and search in the area (Just off the coast of Danang) you can locate a small Island called "Paracel Island" but there are no markings or clues etc. Quite a few of the islands in the area have Chinese symbols naming Islands, some have English. (It may be advisable to get someone who speaks the lingo to check these out, may be a clue).
This is the best part, as you hone in on the area around Paracel Island you can see the area marked "Central Sandy Islands" if you zoom right in under the English text are more Chinese symbols. I find it a bit suspicious that the major Islands in the Paracel area (Money, Duncan etc) are all in English as is the "Central Sandy Islands" text then you have this random string of Chinese in the area...
The Wikipedia definition states the translation of Paracel Islands... "Literal meaning, Western Sandy Islands" (bottom box on right hand side containing all of the info about the area). Can somebody translate this Chinese text?
We all know that DICE have "hidden" the Phantom program in the leader board map. Maybe Jack Frags needs to know about this?
The "X Marks the spot may pertain to the cursor used on the leader board? (turned on it's side of course") or even the "+" symbol on the equation found on the RAWR boxes?!
I have looked for Islands that resemble Paracel storm in the area on the leader boards but can't find anything. Maybe someone can double check me?!
The sound files are in a "Rush large" folder could this be scripted event to finish the map on rush game mode possibly? Like the falling tower on Caspian Border in BF3. All the searches I have seen relate to conquest maps. The "large" could refer to the map size at the end of the round possibly?!
PS After posting this up on Jacks Facebook thread of the new video other people have looked and found more in the Paracel area. Get them translated and let me know...
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How most of us feel:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0focflsf2Y [youtube.com]
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Findings so far:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VziY_k7CzM [youtube.com]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExRDLlkFUOg [youtube.com]

Tomorrow me and the rest of the awesome team will try and find more!
For now.. sleep is needed :|
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