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Hello everyone!

Things I'm most proud of:

Greatest clip ever:

131 weapons mastered (500+ kills)
23 vehicles with 500+ kills

I have a kill with every item in BF4 that is possible to get a kill with.
I also got a roadkill with the bomber.

Top 3 leaderboard positions in Finland (PS4):
#1 Engineer score in Finland
#1 PDW kills in Finland
#1 Kills with rocket launchers in Finland
#2 Total score in Finland
#3 Total kills in Finland

Some world leaderboard positions (PS4)
#39 Engineer score
#117 Total score
#17 AS-VAL kills
#3 kills with flashbangs (yeah, I mastered them)
#33 PDW ribbons
#120 MVP ribbons

Over 1500 XP boosts in store + 58 gold battlepacks full of them.

Thank you for reading, have a nice day!


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