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Sup peeps

√ Was inactive for 6 months... i'm bad now

√ I am the #1 assaulter in Egypt (i think)

√ Teams I played for on bf3 -
DvG, 2H4Y, xSs, 7x, EpiC, HitZ, iQ, nV, NxS,

√ Teams I played for on bf4 -
dYN, Ao1, RvL, 4CE, RoK

√ dYN 4 LiFE

√ BF3 clan wars - Lost count so alot
√ BF4 clan wars - maybe like 30 or some shit

√ I hate b flag with a burning passion but it's all i play because i hate pubs :(

√ My LAN cable disappeared so connection speed 250-1000 (true story)

√ Youtube channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2swJ0GhcPwKChfABdEE8A

☎ Best ringer in the biz ☎
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