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Aka U5- i quit this game cause ddos and que bots, i wish these kids cancer.. Looking foward to WW3 excuse my bad stats plz :)
Comp inf player and public armour / Boat hero/Casual Heli gunner.
Playing Forza , The crew, Bf3/1 Destiny 2,GTA , ride 2 and for honour. (Racing and RPG games on xbox)
probs wont play bf4 xbox agin.
I also play RPG/Forza/The Crew games on xbox to.(Xb1/360)- Dont play vehicle on Xbox’s as much cause it’s cancer(Controlls)- I will mainly play locker. (70% inf 30% vehicle)- Playing xbox on smurf for a bit, and here maybe?
Old acc/innactive one-
2nd acc -
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