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About me:
- Can deal with 2 competitive tank drivers at the same with and without any help.
- Always aiming for the gold: "Head Shot" Hheheh!!!
- I have destroyed all of the enemy tanks in a World of Tanks match:

My BF1 Gameplay Video: * _ *
*Guns in Battlefield 1 are less accurate*
My BF3 Gameplay

Clan Wars:
I have 100% win rate on clan war Conquests:
Damavand Peak (2)
Highway (1)

And 0% on Squad Rush - their two guys were extremely good at flanking with As vals :(
Metro (2)
Grand Bazaar (1)
_ _ _
~Keep the flight in mind,
~The bird may die.
Klattilatti: "Poor small birb!"
- - -!/pvp/achieves/
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