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If you see me on I'm playing casually, not try harding. This game is not worth my time... like honestly. I might just finish going for engineer ss 100 and assault 100 then call it.

I've been called a hacker more times than you can count because of my BL stats. Metro camping with c4 and L86 is life.

Xray2245/zXDomino if youre reading this, you're a scrub and thanks for helping me get into iCon/Team UK on BF4 on my other acc. you rock mate.

My killstreak is glitched???
wanna become a God? sorry thats reserved for me :)k bye

Professional rustler
Former tanker for iCon aka inevitable Consequence and sm0t

Tank m8's
KjCenco (helped teach me how to tank)
Xray2245(taught me everything I know on bf3/bf4)

Jet m8's

Heli m8's

#14 with the L86
#1 for Win/Loss Ratio
#9 for K/D
#90 for rounds played
#720 for SPM
100SS Support
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