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i suck at

xbox one

Former competitive player, Infantry specialist sort of
played with Aim assist off
My highest skill of 900 on the (9/10/14)
longest headshot of 1,978m
100 AEK-971 service stars
100 M16A4 service stars
100 ACW-R service stars
100 Attack Jet service stars
100 Stealth Jet service stars
100 Scout Helicopter service stars
100 Assault service stars
100,000,000 million score
WAS #5 in Aus for Attack jet kills
WAS #7 in Aus for Stealth jet kills
WAS #4 Squad score Aus
WAS #4 in aus Assault rifle kills
was always keen to dogfight/scrim
first person to Rank 140 in Aus/NZ on xbox one At 10.37am 14/12/14
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