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Attack Jet Pilot

Dogfighters I have high respect for:

* Barcode (wingman and one of my favorite dogfighters)
* Lynx (wingman and mr. pushy to get me to play destiny)
* Loyal (One of the people I dodge most on)
* DieNowLeavEarth (Thanks for all our crashes! :D)
* Shield (I use to beat on this top pilot attack vs his stealth jet back in the day)
* Flufy (One of the nicest guys in the gaming community, always helps!)
* Nerv (my favorite PS4 pilot :D)
* Derpo (Part of the reasons I got to the level I was at when I started BF4)
* Rainster (The other part of the reason why I was where I was at the start of BF4)
* Sturdy Desnomie (Old wingman and who got me into dogfighting)
* Mentu (Always helpful to me during my BF3 days)
* Leper & Jedi (for being the hottest mod on my stream and letting me know that I needed a wingman)

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Novacia
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/korpus_draige


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