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OK, lets make this very clear. I LIKE PC GAMING!

I've gamed since 2000 when I got my first computer which I built. Had no idea that gaming would turn into a passion. I loaded "Return To Castle Wolfenstein" and couldn't quiet figure out what to do LOL. Once I inadvertently hit the "e" key and moved forward I was like, "WOW". I was hooked. Played that online a little. Thought the single-player was the bomb. But it wasn't until "Medal of Honor: Allied Assault" that I got the fever for online play. Great times. Was getting 2 hours of sleep a night back then. I'm a huge Half-Life fan.

Love beer. Old school beer, Import beer and Craft beer. Liquor is quicker. Green is king.

I'm a vinyl maniac too. Records sound better though tube sound equipment.


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