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Previous teams:
Rampant Gayming 8v8
KDEN eSports 8v8
The Squirtles 8v8
Evict eSports 5v5/8v8
Team Symthic 8v8
Team Sweden 2014
Team Sweden 2015
Team Sweden 2016
Bunch of 32vs32 teams

#1 BNL 8v8 Season 5 Division 1 (KDEN eSports)
#1 ESL 8v8 Winter Cup 2014 (KDEN eSports)
#1 ESL 8v8 Open League Conquest Spring 2015 (KDEN eSports)
#1 ESL 1v1 Little Bird Champions Cup
#2 ESL 5v5 Obliteration Cup 2 (Evict eSports)
#2 BNL Nordic League 8v8 Season 3 Division 1 (The Squirtles)
#2 ESL Conquest 8v8 Autumn Cup 2014 (The Squirtles)
#3 BNL Nordic League 8v8 Season 1 Division 1 (Evict eSports)

Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp_25oBca6a69Xzy4pLgv3A

Livestream: http://www.twitch.tv/LoASWE

Email: LoAvidz@gmail.com


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