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#Participant in the Cup e-sports Brasil conquest x12 [BTWS] Brothers Wars Soldiers 2016

#War of kings - ♛ 1ˢᵗ Undefeated Champions x12 conquest [vHL] ValhaLLa E-sports 2017

#Aliance league - ♛ 1ˢᵗ Bi-Champions x8 domination [vHL] ValhaLLa E-sports 2017

Top 2 BRASIL PS3 de Jato de ataque
Top 7 MUNDIAL PS3 Jato de ataque
Top 1 MS helicóptero de ataque
Top 12 Skill>11/2016

[BTWS] Brothers Wars Soldiers 2016
[4HP] 4 Hard Power 2016/17
[vHL] ValhaLLa E-Sports ❤❤2017
[aV] Aviator 2017
[RoF] Real Of Fame E-sports 2017
[dR] dR E-sports 2017
[YoLo] Yolo E-sports 2018
[oNiX] oNiX team 2018
[iN] Blind Tvrp 2018
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