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Hi all !

MisterGarzok : EA Moderator Battlefield FR - Héro AHQ -
Dice Friends on BF1 and BFV

Love Battlefield for its vast diversity, vehicles and especially tanks.


Agressive Tank, take all the flags and carrying my teammates.

★★ 1300 Stars Infantry Fighting Vehicle ★★

★★★ Leaderboards Infantry Fighting Vehicle ★★★

➤➤#1 in France on BF4

➤➤#19 in the World

➤➤Accuracy 40% / #21 in France

➤➤25 000 Flags captured / 27 000 Flags defended


Hope to see you in the game in front of the barrel of my tank or in my team !

Stop crying guys, this is War... Let's Fight !

Just T@nk
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