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Most offline BF4 Golden age is gone :( Active on R6S waiting for a Battlefield
Retried DogFighter since 13/12/17

Flag counter Active from: 17/03/17
♛Lorenzo19961996 aka -IH3RoI- : The best friend I've ever met on this game and in friendship since Battlefield 4 day one and still here.
♛nerdRage_Killer: The best chopper pilot I've ever seen and the best tow hacker in Battlefield 4.
♛BarbacaneFruit: The human-aimbot of BF4 mabye the best handyman in BF4.
♛RosDevil: Best DF mate since I was only a looper.
♛NxG-Ghos7: the man who help me to improve my infantry skills (without success).
Thanks to everyone.
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