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What to learn from this game:
That getting trashed by long range high tech weapons
will for ever and always feel bloody unfair.
This is especially true when this weaponry is combined
with superior numbers, tactics & skill

I live in Aalborg, Denmark, a small city with 600+ players registered

Most positive leaderboard bits:
At BF1 Release:
All Assignments completed.
Local #4 overall. (top 0,7%)
Local #1 in Tank, IFV, AA, DMR & Repair. (top 0,2%)
Local top 10 in all Kits & Teams (top 2%)

Went passive spring 2018, moving over to WOT.
At that time, passing mostly inactive accounts... I had moved up to
Locally: #1 Engineer & #2 overall ,
Nationally: Top20 in DMR & IFV Kills