Ladies and fuckin gentlemen (Whassup)
It's the kings of fuckin crunk (You know it)
Me, your boy The Crow,
On the motherfuckin track, (Yeah)
I don't think y'all ready for this shit (y'all ain't ready nigga)
Nothin but some real gangsta shit (gangsta shit)
For them niggaz and bitches out there (Yeah)
Now I'm havin a hard fuckin life right now (a hard life)
And I'm gunna give y'all some of my fuckin pain

It's funny when people think your shit cos your k/d is negative like come on k/d doesn't get you laid, remember that. It means nothing. Because guess what? At the end of the day, when you turn your console/PC off, it doesn't matter in the real world what your k/d is.
As long as you're trying your hardest, being a team player, and most of all HAVING FUN, it shouldn't matter if you go negative or positive in a game. F*ck people that tell you otherwise.


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